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It takes persistence to hang on to hope as God purifies our hearts!

Becoming more like Jesus is a daily pursuit. It so much more than once a week meeting to sing some songs and listen to a message. Everyday we should look for opportunities to grow, learn, and give.

Today I want to challenge you to do something. Spend a few minutes planning out your next week. Go ahead write it down or put it in your calendar. Carve out of your schedule for intentional times during each day to pray, to read, and give. Set a reminder on your phone to have intentional moments during your day to pray or grab someone and pray with them. Come up with a plan to read the Bible each day. Subscribe to my blog or start a you version reading plan. Look for opportunities to give. It could be as simple as writing a note or go up to that guy who ticks you off and say something nice to him. Find some way to give from what you have been given.

Part of the process of becoming like Jesus is that we develop some disciplines in our life that help us grow. A leadership principle we can all learn is if something good needs to be repeated you must develop a system. We need to have a plan and be intentional about our pursuit to become more like Jesus. “Everybody ends up somewhere but few people end up somewhere on purpose” -Craig Groeschel, Pastor of

Hang on to the hope we have in Jesus as He purifies our hearts and makes us more like Him.

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