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It takes unwavering confidence to have a resolute heart!

A resolute heart is fully committed to following Jesus. During this series we have talked about four characteristics. The first is a heart that has been changed by Jesus. The second is a heart that is motivated to want what God wants. The third is a heart that is on the path to becoming pure or like Jesus. The last one that we have been looking at this week is some what of a result of the other three. Confidence is produced by whatever foundation you have built for yourself. I just started a full on crossfit workout this week. I can do most of the workouts I have been taught this week. Our coach teaches us what to do and then I try my best to do exactly what he says to do. I am not fully confident in what I am doing because I do not have a strong foundation yet. The last time I worked out more than 3 days in a row was at some point in the 1900’s! Our coach was talking about how the more we practice these exercises the more confident we will get and the more effective we will be.

The more we live out our faith and put it into real life practice the more effective we will be. The more confident we will be! Work out your faith! Put what you believe into practice! Step out and have unwavering confidence to live out what you believe!

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