I am excited to share my blog with friends who inspire and encourage me. I hope they will do the same for you. Our church, Connect Movement wants to give Christians the tools we need to be Jesus to the people we have influence One area of our lives we have an opportunity to influence is our children. On the blog today my friend Kelli Ligon shares some insights on encouraging parents to make the most of every opportunity to speak truth in your child’s life.

I believe it’s my job as a parent to grow my children into God honoring, responsible, loving, kind, encouraging, spiritual champions. So, for this reason, I love reading articles about creative parenting. One article talked about how the most powerful words we could say to our children were often left unsaid. Many times we just assume they know how we feel.  I decided I would make an effort to tell my daughter reasons I loved her.  So, one night before bed, I hugged her and told her I was so thankful God gave her to me.  I told her she has taught me so much about God’s love for me and has made me a better person. She smiled so big and hugged me so hard then said, “Well, thank you Mommy! That’s so sweet! Why did you say all that?” At that moment, I realized the importance of verbalizing my feelings to my children. Ever since, I’ve tried to find random times to tell her why I think she is amazing. It almost makes my heart explode when I overhear her doing the same thing with her 3-year-old brother.

As with every good thing, you must be intentional to make it happen. Sometimes I lie awake at night thinking about opportunities I missed to speak encouraging words to my children and wonder how things might be different if I had spoken them. When this happens, I thank God for his grace and new mercies then ask him to help me use these moments wisely as well as give me the words to speak.

I encourage you to try this today. Whether you have children or not, you have the ability to speak powerful words that can make someone’s day. Take an opportunity to be Jesus to someone with your words and I promise; it will change your life!

Have a conversation with God. Begin with thanking him for all the amazing things he’s given you. Ask him to show you people you can speak life into and also help you make room in your life for the Holy Spirit so you don’t miss the opportunities he puts in your path.

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