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There are so many different methods for studying the Bible. One that I have found over the past few years that has helped my spend more time studying God’s word and discovering the truths God has to teach me is called S.O.A.P.

S is for Scripture
O is for Observation
A is for Application
P is for Prayer

For me I have a journal that I try to write these down as I work through a book of the Bible. I usually work a chapter at a time. I have been working my way through the book of Matthew a little at a time. Pick a book of the Bible and make your way through it. Make some observations that you find as you read through the passage. These are just ideas, words or thoughts, that seem important to you. Write them down as you read. Then go back and look at your observations and try to find a way to apply the observations to your life. Lastly take those applications and spend some time praying over the areas God would want you to put into practice in your life.

It is amazing to me if I spend a few times a week working through the Bible how much God speaks to me. He will speak if we will work to listen.

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