I was having a conversation with my friend Charlie the other day and he shared with me what God has been teaching him. He has had a tough couple of months working through some opportunities that opened up and closed right in front of him. As we were talking I thought he had developed a healthy perspective and I would love for him to share his story on my blog. Here is what God has been teaching Charlie through his circumstances.

God has been doing some of the most interesting things in my life lately. Starting a few months ago he open a couple doors for me to serve in ministry with two different churches. Possibly full time some day, but for now it was just interim. One church He opened the door for me to lead worship, which is a long time love of mine. The other church was seeking a full time youth pastor. Loving both of these positions I applied for both feeling very confident as The Lord is the one who is leading me to both these churches. A few weeks into the process I began to realize that the other candidates that applied were more likely to get the position over me. At first this made me a little bitter because I thought God was now closing both doors. After a few weeks of praying and seeking God I began to realize that He wasn’t closing my door but opening the door for another person who was very much meant for those positions. It was an amazing experience to watch God work in their lives and lead them to these churches. All along I thought my door was closing but it was someone else’s opening.

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