The Mystery of Prayer

Defined by an intimate relationship with Jesus. Why would the God of the universe care what we think? If He already knows what we are going to say and what we really need why even try to communicate with Him? There is a mystery about God that I am okay with having no answer. It […]

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People Need You and You Need People

Defined by what we share. It is so easy to live our lives in isolation. That is until life happens to us. Then you wish you had more people around you to hold you up. You feel like you are the only one on the planet going through what you are going through. You can […]

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You Own Something Someone Else Needs

Defined by what we share. What is your favorite thing you own? What if someone asked to barrow that favorite item? Or better yet what if you knew someone needed your favorite item would you offer it up to them? It is hard to share our stuff. We work hard for our stuff. We do […]

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You Are An Expert At Something

Defined by what we share. Sharing your talent is one of the most over looked areas you can share. You are an expert at something. You have an ability that not everyone has the capacity to do. Do you share your expertise? Are you looking for opportunities to share your skills? 14 “Again, the Kingdom of […]

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The Most Tangible Measurement

Defined by what we share. Money is attached to our heart. We spend our money on what is most important to us. If you want to measure what is the most important thing in your life go login to your checking account right now and look back at the past 3 months. Would you say […]

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