Defined by an intimate relationship with Jesus.

Why would the God of the universe care what we think? If He already knows what we are going to say and what we really need why even try to communicate with Him? There is a mystery about God that I am okay with having no answer. It is okay to not be able to fit God into our nice neat little theological boxes. Prayer is one of the core tenets of being a Christian and it really blows my mind to think through the reality of it.

I can talk to God. You say that in some circles and you get put in a special building with lots of padded walls. But it is true. The creator of the universe is available to you. You can call on His name and He will listen. We have access to God through Jesus. You can step into the thrown room of the King and speak to Him. Share your heart with Him. Ask for help. Beg Him to change a situation. Cry out of your pain to Him. All because of Jesus the High Priest who stepped down from His thrown to put the universe back in relationship with the Father who loves them. A God who is willing to humble Himself and live like we live. A God whose love goes beyond our comprehension.

All because the God above all things wants a relationship with His creation. You can have a relationship with God. Today as you go through your day think about these two ideas. One, God wants a relationship with you and two, you have to work at it. How will you build your relationship with God today?

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