This week I am going to share some daily prayer requests. I hope you will keep these prayer requests rolling around in your mind each day.

Lindsey and I are working hard to build relationships and be a safe place for the people we come in contact with every day. After this weekend of hearing two different people share their stories of broken marriages with us I would love for you to pray for marriages today. Pray for your friends and neighbors who are married. Pray that they fight through their selfish desires and work hard to serve each other. Marriage is one of the most special relationships two human beings get to be apart of and God designed it. Marriage is His idea and He wants to see families stay together. He wants to see spouses fight hard to keep their relationships intact.

Pray for your parents. If they have been together for 40 years or are on their 3rd marriage. Pray for them to have the courage to love their spouse and not give up. Pray for those families who have been separated by divorce. Pray for healing. Pray for trust in to grow back. Pray for bitterness to be taken away. Pray by name for those you know whose lives have been forever changed by divorce.

Family should be a safety net. It should be a safe place. I hope your marriage is thriving and your not just trying to make it. If I can be praying for you please let me know. If your going through a tough time or trying to decide if this person is the one. I would love to pray for you. Email me at

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