Thin Places

Rest prepares you to be spiritually fit. Have you ever been somewhere where you could strongly sense God’s presence? Where you seemed to connect with God like you never have before? This spot has probably become a special place for you. A place where God captivated you with His presence and you were forever changed. […]

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Greater Things

Radiate One time I was teaching on why when we pray most people end their prayer “in Jesus name.” One of our volunteers walked up to me afterward and said “thank you.” I of coarse said, “your welcome! Wait for what?” He said to me “I have always wondered why we prayed in Jesus name […]

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Set The Example

Radiate Something I am trying to teach my oldest son, all the time it feels like, is to set a good example. His little sister and brother are always watching him and if he does something out of line they think they can do it too. But even more than just seeing what they can […]

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Radiate If you are going to live your life for Jesus you better be courageous. Jesus never promised us if we followed him that we would live a safe life. Most of the original disciples of Jesus were actually killed for sharing Jesus. In our day and time people are still being killed for following […]

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Radiate Worship is not singing songs. Worship is not showing up to a gathering of people have songs sung to us and a speaker speak to us. Worship is so much more than the little box we have put it in. Here is a good definition of worship. And so, dear brothers and sisters,[a] I plead […]

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