Live like Jesus.

Jesus asked us to follow him. Once you are following him your life will be in a new trajectory. You will be different. If you follow Jesus your life will look different than those who don’t follow Jesus. It doesn’t mean you have to be weird to the people who don’t follow Jesus.

Jesus is our example. He related more with those who did not know God than the religious people. He did not weird them out with his holy words and impeccable choices. He was never rubbing his holiness in peoples faces. He was lovingly living his life completely set apart but not so far apart that people far from God could not be around him. The religious people called him a friend of sinners and a drunk. Yes, thats right the son of God, the perfect one, God with us, was looked down on by those who had the appearance of holiness.

Living a life set apart or holy as you are following Jesus is about denying yourself on a daily basis. Holiness is not a baseball bat to beat people down with but a personal conviction lead by the Spirit to pick up your cross and follow Jesus. Live holy as Jesus was holy. Have you been weirding people out with your appearance of holiness? Is following Jesus your target each day or is your aim to please yourself?

Christian brothers, we ask you, because of the Lord Jesus, to keep on living in a way that will please God. I have already told you how to grow in the Christian life. 2 The Lord Jesus gave us the right and the power to tell you what to do. 3 God wants you to be holy. You must keep away from sex sins. 4 God wants each of you to use his body in the right way by keeping it holy and by respecting it. 5 You should not use it to please your own desires like the people who do not know God. 6 No man should do wrong to his Christian brother in anything. The Lord will punish a person who does. I have told you this before. 7 For God has not called us to live in sin. He has called us to live a holy life. 8 The one who turns away from this teaching does not turn away from man, but from God. It is God Who has given us His Holy Spirit. -1 Thessalonians 4:1-8

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