Live free.

Is the goal of following Jesus to maintain our sin levels? Is it to try really hard not to sin? If this is true for you than the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross would be worthless. His death was just a nice sacrifice and we could just appreciate his offering. But Jesus sacrifice was so much more powerful than a one time act for us to look back on. His sacrifice changed the coarse of history. Literally! What year is it? Yeah that’s right it is the same year in the US as it is in China. Jesus death was significant enough of an event globally that we changed the way we count our years based on the day he died. Jesus death was enough to cover over the sins you have committed and the sins you will step into in your future. The mission for followers of Jesus is not sin less. The mission is to go and make disciples who follow Jesus. Our goal is to live free like Jesus lived his life. We should be more concerned with making disciples than maintain our sin.

Jesus paid your debt! Now go introduce people who are in debt to the one who can zero out their account. It could be as simple as whoever invites you into their life, serve them, and tell what Jesus has done in your life. Evaluate your life and relationships today. Are you showing people Jesus or are you living your life to try to maintain your sin?

Pray today for God to free you from trying not to sin and give you opportunities to point people to Jesus.

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