Live generous

Life is not always easy to put into a nice neat box and have everything perfectly planned out the way way we want it. Wait, it almost never is. My tendency is to try to put a ridged template on my time. When something comes my way that steers me off my template I quickly shut it down and move back to the plan. This kind of schedule leaves no room to make the most of the daily opportunities that come my way.

A generous life looks different than the way I have rigidly prepared myself in the past. I have started creating a new rhythm for my day. Sure I have a plan for my day but I try to leave room for flexibility. In the moments I have of flexibility it gives me time to jump at opportunities that come up throughout the day. I try not to sprint from one thing to the next but leave room for opportunities.

Do you feel like you just run all out everyday and miss out on opportunities to be fully present in the moment? Slow down. Open your eyes. Say no to somethings that can be done tomorrow so you can be fully present in the now. Stop missing out  on opportunities to be generous because your too busy. You do not know the number of days in your life. Make the most of each day.

Make the most of every opportunity in these evil days. -Ephesians 5:16

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