Rest prepares you to be spiritually fit.

Do you like being alone? I don’t. It’s a struggle for me. I cringe when I think about turning off my phone, going some where by myself, and only hearing my thoughts. I would rather be surrounded by people. I would rather be connected. I would rather be working my way down the to-do list and getting things done. But I have found that this kind of life is unsustainable and unhealthy.

I know if I don’t take a few hours a month to be alone I lose my edge. I become dull and not effective. I become a halfway interested husband, a uninvolved dad, an ineffective pastor and basically just going through the motions as a follower of Jesus. I am not at my best when I don’t find time to be alone.

Even though I don’t like it I know it is best for me. Jesus modeled it for us in Mark 1:35 –

“Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed.”

We can make all the excuses in the world as to why we don’t take time to be alone with God. Here are mine: I have 3 small children. I am busy. I have so much I need to get done. I don’t like to be alone. What should I do when I’m alone? It all just seems counter-productive to me. I love to get things done. Did I say I have 3 small children? I’m sure you can relate to some of these.

What would happen if we stopped making excuses and did what is best for us? Let’s be intentional about this. If you routinely go somewhere by yourself each day, make that your alone time with God. Leave a little earlier on your way to work so you can spend a few minutes alone. Wake up before anyone else in your house. Take a few extra minutes in the bathroom if you need to! Look for opportunities to be alone with God. Plan it out. Go on a trip alone. Go eat lunch alone. Spending time alone will help you recharge and I can guarantee will make you feel more spiritually fit.


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