Rest prepares us to be spiritually fit.

No one I knows hates a day off of work. No matter how much you love your job, everyone loves to take a day off. If you don’t like days off you are out of balance. Many companies will force their employees to use their vacation days because they know that a rested employee is a productive employee.

The same is true of us spiritually. You need a day off every week. It is not healthy to sprint through your week without taking time away. Sure there are times it doesn’t work out, but those weeks should be rare, not the norm. The Sabbath was modeled by God in Genesis 1-3 as He created the universe. On the last day of creating God took a day off to rest.

Jewish traditions take the idea of a day off or “Sabbath” to an extreme. On the first day of the week, work is not allowed, and the Jews go to great lengths to make sure they don’t violate the Sabbath. They have created all kinds of rules to keep them from breaking the Sabbath. Jesus obeyed the Sabbath too. He took time weekly to rest but he did not play by their rules. If someone had a need he could meet on the first day of the week he would meet it. It’s not about following a list of rules, but simply making sure to take some time off.

It is wise for you to take a day off every week. When you exercise your body you have to rest your body. In order for your muscles to grow, they need to recover are you break them down by exercising. You need rest! If you have been charging through life without a break, stop! Call in, take a vacation day, use a personal day, ask someone to come watch your kids, whatever it takes, but take a day off.  Stop neglecting yourself. For you to be the most effective you can be you need a day off. So take one!

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