Exercise makes you spiritually fit.

I believe many American Christians have become oversaturated with the Bible. I wholeheartedly agree that we need to study the Bible, but I don’t think that Bible study is the pinnacle of the Christian life. It’s not the optimum activity a Christian can take part in. I would hope you are spending time daily in God’s word, and I hope you sit under some great teachers of the Bible who clearly and effectively communicate the truth of the Bible to you. I hope you get together with a group of friends to talk through how you can live out God’s word. But please don’t stop there. If you just do these things you become oversaturated with knowledge and worthless to the work of the Kingdom.

If I were to get on the internet everyday and watch videos of other people exercising or explaining how to exercise, but never actually tried it, that would be completely worthless. If I studied for years how to fly an airplane and understood how every piece of equipment on the plane works but I never actually fly a plane, people would think that I was crazy. If I studied how to take amazing photographs and I learned how to create beautiful compositions, but I never actually take a picture, that would be ridiculous!

Why would we treat following Jesus like this then? Why would we go to church, serve in the church, study the Bible, if we were never actually going to do anything with it? Sadly, this is exactly what many of us do. We debate and argue over tiny theological issues. We spend our lives trying to understand things we will never understand and that quite honestly don’t even matter. We retreat to our controlled environments to sing songs in the presence of God like God only exists in buildings labeled “church.” We become oversaturated and find ourselves exactly where the devil wants us – comfortable. We know how to follow Jesus but we never exercise what we know, and the reality is, if all you do is think about following Jesus, you aren’t actually following Him.

Do something today to exercise your faith! Serve someone. Give your money to someone. Sit down and have a conversation with someone. Pray for someone. Stop thinking and start doing!

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