Failure makes you stronger.

Part of being spiritually fit is being prepared for whatever comes your way. If you could totally control your life then you could train specifically for the things that you have planned to happen. It’s like a marathon runner’s training. The runner knows they will be running 26.2 miles so they train specifically to be able to run that specific distance. But if you throw something like weightlifting or another specific discipline at them, they won’t experience the same type of result as they would in the marathon. Someone who is truly fit is able to step into any type of physical challenge and be successful.

I would much rather be able to step into any challenge in life and at least have a chance to succeed than to be only prepared for one thing. No matter the task, the challenge, or the temptation, I hope to become stronger than the day before. Sure there will be bad days. Sure we will make stupid decisions. Sure we might even struggle our entire lives with a certain sin. But every day helps strengthen me for the next if I allow it to.

Preparation is everything for a competitor. Preparation is also a part of following Jesus. Preparation might look like having an answer or a reason for your faith. It might look like making good decisions or reacting to people in the right way. Your level of preparation is very evident when temptations arise.

Are you preparing yourself spiritually? If you were to rate your spiritual fitness on a scale of 1-10 (1 = I am not following Jesus but I am trying to figure it out. 10 = I am not perfect but I am striving to follow Jesus every day.), where would you put yourself? What are some things you need to do to prepare yourself spiritually today?

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