The future will either guide you or distract you.

Meet the Robinsons movie is one of my favorite movies. The story is about a boy named Lewis who is an inventor and orphan. He travels into the future and meets the future Lewis who now goes by Cornelius. He gets a picture of what his life will be like if keeps moving forward. The video clip below is one of the most powerful points of the movie. Lewis walks into his future lab with Cornelius and gets a sneak peek of what his work could look like if he keeps pushing through failure. For years I have worked with teenagers and I have told them I wish I could give them a picture of their future. I wish they could see that the choices they make today are building their future.

I hope as you watch this clip you are inspired to push through whatever you are going through and reminded that if you keep making good choices you are building an amazing future for yourself. Keep moving forward!

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