We’ve all seen them. They’re hard to miss because, let’s be honest, they usually talk. A lot. Loudly. They are eager to tell you who they are and more than that, what they are going to do. They brag about the future so much it sometimes seems like they believe it has already happened.

But there’s a risk that comes with bragging about the future, and we all know it deep down inside. There’s a risk that things won’t turn out how we are so sure they will. Lawyers know this especially well. They are paid to plan for every possible variable in a situation, yet every contract they write still contains an “Act of God” clause. The term “Act of God” is a legal term meaning an event outside of human control (like a natural disaster) that no one can be held directly responsible for. The writer of Proverbs understood this also.

Don’t brag about tomorrow, since you don’t know what the day will bring. – Proverbs 27:1

No matter how much you plan, scheme, and manipulate your surroundings to set yourself up for success, at the end of the day you just can’t control the future. As a matter of fact, there’s only one thing you CAN control regarding your future, and that is what you bring to it. Not what you bring physically like possessions or money, but what you personally bring. Experiences, skills, preparation, and wisdom that can help you navigate the future.

How you choose to use the present will determine how prepared you are for the future. When you leverage the present, you set yourself up to bring the best you possible to the future. The future can’t happen without the present, so don’t waste the precious minutes available to you today by being preoccupied with or bragging about an unknown future. Leverage the present so when you get to the future, you bring the best you possible. Don’t brag, bring!

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