Being fully engaged in the present creates momentum in your life.

Up until now, my life has been a sprint. Sprinting from one thing to the next. Trying to accomplish as much as I can possibly accomplish in my life. I make plans and I execute them. I set goals and I conquer them. I work hard to make my life count. But I am 33 years old and I have been sprinting since 1999. I think back on all the adventures I have missed because I was trying to get from Point A to Point B as fast as possible. It’s not like my motives are bad. I was so focused on the goals I set for my life that I did not leave room to be fully engaged in the moment each day. Anytime I would be questioned, I would justify my actions by believing I was simply trying to do the most good I could possibly do.The present moment was just a means to an end for me. The moment was just another hurdle to get to the finish line, a building block to get me to the top. Over the past couple years, God has changed my heart and the way I see the moment.

My life is no longer about a ridged, systematic, sprint to the end. I want to be more engaged and fully present in the moment. I want to be all in on the thing in front of me, not something in the past or future. I am trying to ask myself, “Jesus, what do you have for me in this moment?” more and more. How can I be more engaged as a husband, father, friend, and pastor? I try to put my agenda for the day aside so that I can give my time and attention to those people that God puts in my path. From the small moments of blowing bubbles with my children to the big difficult circumstances of life, I want to be fully engaged. Fifteen years from now, I want to look back and say confidently that I tried to make the most of every opportunity put in front of me. I want to see momentum in my life like I have never seen before.

Let your prayer today be simple. “Jesus, what do you have for me in this moment?”

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