Being fully engaged in the present creates momentum in your life.

I love the book of Joshua in the Bible. God does some amazing things through Joshua and his leadership over Israel. I hope that I can be as bold and courageous as Joshua. As you read through this book of Joshua, you see story after story of how God did some amazing, impossible things! God even went to as far as to break the laws of nature (that He created) to take care of the nation of Israel.

We read of God holding back the water of a raging river so the nation could pass through to the other side. We read about God using the sound waves from the voices of the people to knock down the walls of a city. We read of God making the sun and moon stand still so that the nation of Israel could defeat their enemies. Each one of these is an amazing, mind blowing act of a loving God who keeps His promises.

God wants to do impossible things through you just like He did through Joshua, but you have to be willing to fully engage in the moments He puts in front of you. So many of us are anchored down by our past and crippled in fear by the unknown of the future, that we miss out on what God is trying to do. If you want to see God do amazing things, you need to start taking small steps in the right direction and before you know it, you will have momentum in your life. You will be living a life led by the Spirit of God and not by your calendar or checkbook.

If you need a river to part, a wall to fall down or the sun to stand still in your life, you can call on the name who is above all names, Jesus! God will do the impossible if you are willing to be fully engaged in your present circumstances. What do you need from God in your life right now? Ask Him for it! He loves you so much that He is willing to do the impossible!

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