Being fully engaged in the present creates momentum in your life.

So what does it really meant to be fully engaged in the present? It means that you are living your life with your eyes wide open looking for God to speak to you each and every moment of the day. Sometimes it is absolutely obvious what God wants you to do, but other times the voice is so small and still that is easy to miss. Having three small children means we watch lots of kid movies these days. In our family, the Dreamworks film “Kung Fu Panda” is one of the great masterpieces of the genre. I think I can quote the intro word for word! This movie never seems to get old, even after a million viewings.

It feels so weird to say this, but God taught me something that I will remember forever in this movie. Po the Panda wants to give up and not live his life to the full potential by settling for a life as a noodle cook instead of a warrior. Master Oogway the turtle finds Po sulking and binge-snacking on some peaches. He gives him some wise advice about finding momentum in his life. Has God ever spoken to you through a cartoon? I hope He does through this clip.

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