Community is vital to life.

When you live in isolation you start to lose your ability to have relationships with people. Personally, I am fueled by being around people. It’s fun for me to be around other people. I love hearing stories and working together on projects. When I am by myself for a long time I start to feel awkwardness creep in and my ability to be around people begins to suffer. Then, when I am around people, it takes some time to get warmed back up. I can’t imagine how much more awkward I would feel if I was isolated for a longer period of time. I would feel depressed, lonely, and become skeptical of other people. When we avoid human interaction we miss out on a vital part of living our lives to the fullest.

It seems like there are many people today who are becoming more and more isolated and losing the ability to effectively interact with other people. One of the causes of this is technology. I love technology just as much as the next guy, but have you tried to have a conversation with anyone under 30 lately? Or for that matter, been in a public place? Everyone is slumped over their phones scrolling through social media feeds and firing off text messages. It is easier than ever to isolate ourselves from human interaction. I think its time we take some time and step away from our devices so we can relearn what it means to be engaged in the moment.

Why not take a break today from social media? Maybe don’t send that text you were planning to send, and go and talk face to face to that person instead. Ask a coworker to go grab lunch. Isolation is easy, community takes work. Do something today that puts you in real community with another person.

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