Today’s Connect Daily is a guest blog written by Caleb Farley. Caleb is a student pastor in Franklin, TN.

If you’re anything like me, I get fueled and recharged by being around people. If you’re anything like my wife, she’s kind of the opposite. Don’t get me wrong, she likes people, but she also likes to rest after a full day with our baby or whenever she comes home from work. That said, even though we’re wired differently, we both can agree that community is a necessity in our lives. Believe me, there are days where we feel like all we want to do is be bums and watch re-runs of The Office, but we’ve grown to understand our need for community.

Right after my wife and I got married, we found a church that was vibrant and exciting to attend. After a while, we got plugged in and started serving in the student ministry. Even though it was a great time in our lives, it was a lonely time. We were so busy doing ministry that we never made time for us spiritually to be fed into. We longed for community, but always had an excuse for not getting plugged in. Thankfully, one day we were invited to a community group that met at one of our friend’s homes. To be honest, at first we didn’t want to go…it was cutting into our “me” time which we grew to love and protect. But we knew we needed this so we gave it a shot. Long story short and months later, this group has been such a blessing and positive influence on us individually and on our family. We’ve been able to open up and share our story with friends who love and care for us. Spiritual conversations between my wife and I have been at an all time high. And not only do we get refueled spiritually because of this small group, but we also get to pour into other people and walk through life together.

But beyond the spiritual side of this group, we have a lot of fun! Once a month all we do is eat…and I like to eat. Sometimes we go bowling or have a game night. And what we’re doing right now is each week one person in our small group shares their story. All in all, my wife and I needed community. We needed to be fed into spiritually. We needed to walk though life together with other people who could pour into our lives.

If you’re not in a community group, I challenge you to ask yourself “Why Not?” I know at times it’s not the most convenient or even the most desirable thing, but I promise you it is needed and you’ll be better because you did. We are so thankful for the community group we are currently in…nothing too fancy and nothing too spiritual, just ordinary people connecting together and to God. So what’s holding you back?

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