Today’s Connect Daily is a guest blog written by Charlie George. Charlie is a Connect Community leader and lives with his wife Courtney and daughter Aubrey in Spring Hill, TN.

I don’t think we realize how important community is sometimes. This summer my wife and I experienced what we called a “spiritual drought”. Through the summer our small group didn’t meet any, we were all going different directions all summer long. Between camps, family reunions, birthday parties and vacations we didn’t see each other any. If you had asked us at the beginning of summer we would have told you it would be ok, we could make it two months without small group. Now that we are at the end of summer and meeting again we would tell you a whole different thing. We had come to really rely on our small group. We lean on each other for encouragement and advice. We have genuinely come to need each other. Community with other people isn’t just important to us it is a necessity. We need those people around us to keep us strong and accountable, and they need us to do the same for them. We are thankful beyond belief for the community we have found. If this is something you haven’t experienced before there is no better time than today. I hope you can come to experience true life giving community.

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