Today’s Connect Daily is a guest blog written by Melodi Leih. Melodi lives in Mount Juliet, TN with her husband, Mike, and their sons Mitchell and Mason.

Five years ago we moved from California to Tennessee leaving family and friends behind to a place where we knew no one. We moved into a house on a street still under construction with no other neighbors. We were alone. We knew we need to find a church and visited several but it was a slow process. During the first few months being here loneliness was a huge factor. What we needed was community and someone to care we were in Tennessee.

A few months later a few homes were completed and a sweet newly married couple moved in. We were able to help them move in and begin building a friendship with them. It was the first sign of hope we had seen in months. They invited us to attend a neighborhood gathering to meet some people. We were so excited at the possibility of community and getting connected to people. The gathering was hosted by Paul Kevetter who was serving as a youth pastor at a local church. He welcomed us, introduced us to others and from that evening, a small group Bible study was formed.

I remember going to the first one and feeling like a fish out of water. Mike and I were the oldest couple there, the only ones not from TN and we just weren’t sure if this was going to be a good fit. Honestly we went home and prayed and realized this is what we had been asking God for; Community. People who would care we were there and invest in our lives. In the time we have been meeting we have built rich, deep, real, lasting relationship with our neighbors centered around God’s word and our desire for community with one another and a desire for more to be part of this group.

Connect Movement started out of this group and the call on Paul’s life to see life change happen in circles of communities around the country. It has been such a blessing to be part of this journey and see God’s hand at work. True community happens when we choose to invest in the lives of others and make ourselves vulnerable to let others invest in us. Our lives have been changed because of this group and we are blessed to be part of Connect Movement and what God is doing through it to connect people to each other and to Himself.

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