Today’s Connect Daily is a guest blog written by Pastor Paul’s wife, Lindsey.

Who are the people in your life that support and encourage you?

I know you have your families and your close friends that have walked your life with you, but what about the people that you see at least weekly, speak words of wisdom into situations, and you know you can rely on. Those are the people in your community. You might not have realized you have surrounded yourself with them, but they are there. It might be people you workout with, those at work who you’ll eat lunch with or go out after work for dinner, neighbors who you invite over a lot because you just get along really well.It just so happens that our group we hang out with are couples in our own neighborhood. At the beginning, 3 yrs ago, we had just two couples we knew on other streets and thought it would be fun to have a neighborhood cookout. Little did we know that God was growing our group and we met other couples that day who were interested in hanging out, sharing food, and talking about our relationships w/ God. That’s all it took to meet other people who were in need of community, support, encouragement, prayer, and some good food.

It’s been such a blessing to hang out with these friends on a weekly basis, decompress stresses in life, talk through a verse or two or watch a sermon and then we discuss how to make it apply to our lives personally. We’ve been a part of other small groups in the past with people that we might not have known as well. Sometimes it was a good experience and challenged us, other times it brought struggles to relate but we still made the effort. Regardless, we needed other people besides our spouses, to just talk to and see if we were not the only ones who saw the “crazy” in life.

Life is meant to share with others. To bless others and to support others when they are in need is so important, because your day will come when you will need those people to return the favor. So, if you aren’t a part of a “community” yet, start one! Get together those friends that I talked about at your house, bring a neighbor or two over for dinner, and find that you can start something amazing! Committing 1-2 hrs a week to these people will be a blessing and not a burden-I promise!

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