Community is figuring out this God thing together.

Do you ever feel like you just can’t seem to get things right? Like you try as hard as you can but it still doesn’t work out. Do you mess up and make bad decisions? Do you say the wrong thing to the wrong people? It’s okay, I do too.

I don’t know about you, but I know for a fact that I am not perfect. I know what is right but I do what is wrong. I bet you feel the same way about yourself sometimes. Let’s just go ahead and recognize this as a reality for every person who is alive. We are all sinners. We are not perfect. But there are still some people who think they are perfect.

Some people try to have the appearance of having it all together. It might be because of legalistic beliefs or out of insecurity, but either way it’s fake. No one is perfect. A community of people who admit they are not perfect and know you aren’t either is healthy place to work through your relationship with God. You need a group of people in your life who absolutely accept you for who you are. No perfect people allowed.

Are you trying to put on the appearance of perfection? Are you willing to say I am not perfect? Do you admit you are a sinner? Do you have a group of people in your life who accept your for you? If not go find it. You may even need to start it! Just make sure you don’t allow any perfect people.

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