Community is figuring out this God thing together.

I love doing CrossFit! Please don’t stop reading if you don’t care about working out. Even if you don’t care about your food intake or if you get a good sweat in each day, you still care about your wellness. Wellness is more than being free from illness, it is a dynamic process of change and growth. Everyone has a level of wellness because here is the deal – you are either changing and growing or you are dead.

The cool thing about CrossFit is the benchmarks that help us measure the progress we are making. The benchmarks consist of workouts with girl names. Fran, Helen, Grace, Cindy, and many more. The amount of time it takes to complete each of these workouts lets you know your benchmark. We also keep track of our personal records for the different lifts we do (like deadlifts, cleans, jerks, and squats). It is really fun to look at these markers of growth and see how much we have increased in our abilities.

In the same way there are physical benchmarks, there are also some spiritual benchmarks to help us see how we have grown spiritually. I had a professor named Dr. Adams who shared these markers of spiritual growth with us and they have been very useful to me in my life.

NOTE: This is not an absolute list and the last thing you need is a religious checklist. So, use these as a guide not as the standard. Spend a few minutes reading through each one and evaluate where you are spiritually today.

Marker #1 – Converted

This means that you have accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior (Luke 13:3, Romans 10:13). You have been “converted” from your old life and are starting a new life. This where it all starts. To be in relationship with God you must accept the Jesus. There in no other way to God except through Jesus. Do you have a relationship with God?

Marker # 2 – Church

Being in a “church” community is vital for life (Acts 20:7, Matt 18:20). To be involved in community means to be baptized, spend time with your community, participate in serving the people in your community, and to give financially to meet the needs of the people in your community. Are you involved in a community?

Marker #3 – Crave

The third marker is that you crave the Bible, the Word of God.  (Matt 5, Matt 6). To crave the Word means that you want to learn more about God by reading the Bible and spending time in it. How often do you read the Bible?

Marker #4 – Compassion

Compassion for those who do not follow Jesus (Matt 28:19, Matt 9:36, Acts 1:8) is possibly one of the most important spiritual benchmarks in your life. Are you actively trying to make disciples by pointing people to Jesus through relationships.

Marker #5 – Consecrated

Being consecrated means you are willing to make sacrifices for God (Romans 12:1, Ephesians 5:1-2), and are willing to do whatever He asks of you. What sacrifices have you made for God?

I hope you take some time to evaluate your spiritual wellness and that as you continue seeking God and living in community, you experience the joy of watching these benchmarks grow!

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