Community is doing life together.

You’ve heard it, and said it. And if you are like me, it probably drives you crazy when you hear it, but is totally justified when you say it yourself. What is it? “I just don’t have time for that.” Now sometimes that statement can be totally understandable, but other times it seems that we are just don’t understand the way time works. The most common argument heard regarding that statement goes something like this – “You can always make time for what is important to you.” I don’t know about you, but I’ve never actually heard this said in a kind tone of voice. And while this is generally true, and sometimes we definitely need to re-evaluate our priorities, I believe oftentimes the problem isn’t a matter of what is important, but how we manage our capacity to handle the important things of life.

It is extremely easy in our current culture to fill up our calendar and have something “important” to do every hour of the day. But what happens when it seems there are too many genuinely important things to do and just not enough time? Many experts use the phrase “Work smarter, not harder” as a method to multiply our time and make room for more of the important things in life. Finding new techniques, rearranging schedules, and delegating responsibilities are some of the ways businesses seek to work smarter. But what about in our own lives? Is there a way to work smarter and not harder in a way that increases our capacity and enables us to stay involved in the important things of life? The answer is yes.

The key to expanding your capacity and having more time for the important things is community. Living in community should not be viewed as spending time, but rather as investing time. When you invest time in community, you suddenly find yourself with more time for the important thing. You find yourself not struggling to just get everything done, but with extra time because you have a group of people who love you and care for you. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “You have to spend money to make money”. The same is true of time. Don’t believe me? Just try it. Get out and invest some time in those around you and see what happens.

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