Community is doing life together.

It is easy to give up. Easy to isolate yourself and keep everyone at arms distance. Who would blame you, right. It’s safe, controllable, and predictable. Maybe you have tried community and it left you with a bad taste. Here is the thing. No one is perfect. There will never be a perfect community for you. There will never be just the right mix of people in the right demographics and life stages. So don’t give up! Keep trying. Keep working at it. No one immediately loves their spouse. It takes effort over a long period of time. It is the same thing when developing community. If you’ve been in community for awhile, you know that it only gets better with time.

If you have experienced a life in community, what are some reasons you are thankful for the community you are a part of? Share them so that other people will be encouraged not to give up and to keep working to develop community.

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