How you live represents what you live for.

What do you represent? This is a question you should ask yourself regularly. Like it or not, when people see you they automatically associate you with certain groups, people, organizations, products, friends, families, and communities. It’s like this – you go into a restaurant and the waiter gives you terrible service. They forget to fill your glass. They ignore you. They mess up your order. They have a bad attitude. You don’t just think this person is bad at their job you think this a bad restaurant. So you decide to never go back because this waiter represented this restaurant in such a way that it damaged not only his reputation, but the reputation of the whole business.

For you and I, how we live represents what we live for. When I step back and evaluate how I live my life, what people would think and say about my life, there are some clear things that come to my mind. I hope people would know I live for Jesus. I hope people would know I live for my wife, family and friends. I hope people would know I live to serve the Church all over the world. I hope people would know I am living to see out the vision of Connect Movement. I hope people would see I represent my neighborhood, city, state, and nation in a positive way. I hope people would see I am living for health by working out. I am trying to live my life in a way that I clearly represent what I believe in.

So what do you live for? What are you representing? What kind of impression are you making on the people around you? If you say you live for Jesus, how are you representing Him?

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