God’s grace is infinite. He will always forgive us. But don’t be a jerk! When you get on social media and rant about your service at a restaurant or get outraged by someone’s political views, remember who you represent. Thanks for warning us of the injustice you experienced at your local eatery, but remember that your comments also represent the people who work for that restaurant. You should stand up for what you believe, but remember that those who have the opposite opinion of you are people too. With social media, we can hide out in our homes and confidently drop truth bombs on our “friends” from our tiny screen bunkers. Instead of being jerks to people, I think we should curb our enthusiasm for the truth and just love people.

When I read through the Bible and look at the life of Jesus, the only people He really gives a good verbal butt-whipping to is the religious people. If you are a follower of Jesus, live like Him. Treat people like you would want to be treated. Make room for grace in your relationships. Look for ways to serve people. Give people what they don’t deserve. Speak kind and encouraging words. Share the truth with people, but do it in a way that shows people you love them. Stop picking sides and starting fights. Look for ways to unexpectedly love people. That is what Jesus did. When Jesus was faced by some religious guys who asked him what his opinion was on a woman who was caught in adultery, His response was not what anyone expected. He didn’t pick a side. He said that whoever was without sin could be the first to throw a stone at this women. He was for people no matter what they had done.

Are you for people or are you for you? Would people say you are a jerk? Does your life represent Jesus? Don’t be a jerk to people! Be for people!

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