Has anyone ever told you that you are dead to them? Or maybe they didn’t say it, but their actions say it loud and clear. Like they have decided to end the relationship and act as if you don’t exist. I have met people who have a trail of dead end relationships in their past. Most of these relationships ended because the person could no longer get anything from the other person. I call these people users. They use people to help them get something or somewhere. When they get what they want, they see no need to continue the relationship. This is a terrible way to treat people. Life does change and relationships change. Sometimes it is hard to continue investing as much time in certain relationships, but this doesn’t mean we should write people off.

I have tried to live by this principle. You never know when you will run into someone. In all my relationships I try to leave them open ended. With no expiration date. To be at peace with people if at all possible. It is so much fun for me to live this way. I love being somewhere random and running into someone I know. I absolutely love it! Nothing makes my day more than seeing someone I haven’t seen in a while and getting to encourage them. Living this way also means you have to be the same person to everyone you meet. You must have integrity and honesty to live like you never know who you will run into.

Spend a few minutes today thinking about your relationships. Is your past filled with dead end relationships? If you saw someone randomly today, would you try to hide from them so you would not have to acknowledge their existence? Don’t lead a life of dead relationships. Live your life engaged in life-giving relationships.

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