How you love represents who you love.

A couple weeks ago I posted a statement on social media and I had some interesting comments. The statement was “If your beliefs do not produce action you may not actually believe what you say you do.” It is so easy for us to find ourselves with a disconnect between our mouth and our actions. Many Christians live a imposter lifestyle. We say we believe something but when it comes to actually doing it, our actions are nowhere to be found. I can say I believe that having a savings account is important, but until I actually start putting money into one I don’t actually believe it. I can say I believe it is important to be physically fit but until I actually start working on my fitness, it’s hard to believe I actually believe it. I can say I believe in Jesus but until I actually start following Him I don’t actually believe in Him.

It’s a hard statement I know, but it is the truth. So many Christians live in this disconnect because it is easy to have the appearance of following Jesus, especially in the United States. All you have to do is say you go to church. But following Jesus is so much more than spending an hour or two in a building each week. Following Jesus takes matching what you believe with your actions. Following Jesus takes loving God and loving people. Following Jesus takes daily denying yourself and putting Jesus on the throne of your life. Following Jesus is representing Him with your life everyday. A broken, messed up, sinner who has been redeemed!

Don’t be an imposter Christian. Spend some time today asking God to show you if there are some areas of your life where you need match up your actions with your beliefs. Ask God to give you the courage to step out to love like Jesus has loved us. Close the gap today between what you believe and how you act.

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