How you love represents who you love.

Math was always one of my favorite subjects in school because there was no room for opinion. The answer was either right or wrong. Two plus two is always four. English class, on the other hand, would always make me so frustrated because it was filled with optional rules. I would write what I thought was an amazing paper, but the professor would find something wrong with it. In their opinion, my statement was not strong enough. When this happened I would be so frustrated! But I knew that once I made it to my calculus class there was no room for opinionated professors. I was either right or wrong. Here is an equation that is always true. Truth – Love = Nothing

You have probably met people who love to tell the truth but don’t actually love the people they are talking to. There is a very technical word for these people – jerks. Many Christians act like this because we have the “truth.” But here is the deal – you can know right from wrong and know what the best choice to make is, but if you don’t actually love the people you are talking to you are misrepresenting the truth. There are so many issues floating around that are right and wrong issues. The Bible is very clear on some of these issues and Christians have a great source of ultimate truth. The Bible should absolutely be our source for discerning right from wrong. But this doesn’t mean we should beat people over the head with the truth. If you wonder why no one wants to change their opinion after hearing you present the truth to them, it could mean that love is missing.

Truth + Love = an opportunity to represent Jesus. How you love represents who you love. Live your life full of truth and love. This formula is always true. There is no room for opinions.

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