Are you upside down?

I love snowboarding! There’s nothing like hitting the slopes and trying not to hurt myself. The best conditions for snowboarding are when you come across some fresh powder or untouched slopes. You can turn and move smoothly down the mountain. I have only experienced this one time and it was amazing! People hunt for fresh powder and the best place to find it is where no one else goes. The downside is that these places are usually prone to avalanches.

I’ve never been in an avalanche, but I know the first rule is to orient yourself. Find which way is up and which is down. When you are surrounded by snow on all sides, you don’t know which direction is which, and you definitely don’t know which way to dig to try and get out. They tell you to spit and see which way your spit goes. Gravity will show you what is up and what is down. Orientation is everything. This is true of life too. Sometimes it can be hard to know if you are upside down or right side up.

Being upside down spiritually means you are moving in the wrong direction. You are moving away from God. So many times we think God is walking away from us because we don’t feel like He is close, but in reality God never leaves us. We are the ones who have lost our orientation and are moving away from God. There are three areas in our lives that we can analyze to see if we are upside down in our spiritual life. These areas are: money, time, and relationships. Take a few minutes today and check your orientation. Before an avalanche of life buries you make some choices in these three areas to be right side up. Go spend some time reading about the life Jesus describes in Matthew 5-7 and see if your life is upside down or right side up.

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