Are you upside down?

If you stop and think about it, we do some ridiculous things with our finances sometimes. So much of our thinking is upside down when it comes to dealing with money. Most of our bad choices with money come down to this little phrase – “I want it now!” We want instant gratification. I know I am guilty of it and I am sure you are too. But when we stop and think about what we are actually saying with our financial choices, it really makes no sense. Sometimes it sounds downright crazy.

If we were to actually put into words our actions, I think we would all realize how instant gratification can quickly lead to bad decisions. Your actions might say, “I know I have over $100,000 in student loans, but the bank says they will loan me more, so I’m going to buy a new car.” Or they might say, “I know I don’t need that new TV right now, but I don’t have to even start paying on it until next year because someone is willing to let me borrow the money.” Thats upside down! We get so over-extended in our finances that we get trapped. All because we couldn’t be patient and wait until we had the money. What if God wants you to wait?

One of the greatest ways we can grow in our faith is practicing patience, and not just in the area of money. Practice living like God is in control and you are not. Deny yourself and give your life to Jesus. Instead of indulging yourself with whatever you want today, try saying, “I’ll wait.”

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