Are you upside down?

Have you ever had equilibrium problems? Where you lose your balance and you aren’t really sure why? A couple years ago my Dad had this problem. It really messed him up. He was working one day and lost all sense of up and down. He said it was terrifying. From the outside you couldn’t tell anything was wrong with him but on the inside something just felt funny. He went to the doctor and found out he had vertigo. The doctor told him this would be something that he would need to be aware of for the rest of his life. We can also experience spiritual vertigo. Sometimes it’s hard to tell when someone is struggling spiritually, but they know it. They can tell that something just doesn’t feel right.

Does everything around you seem to be going right but you just sense something inside of you is a little off? Maybe you can’t put your finger on it, but you just know something is not right. You know more than anyone else that you personally are a sinner. You know what is right but sometimes you do what you know is wrong. Jesus came to help us all see that the world is pulling us to stay upside down but that He wants us to live right side up. You can live right side up!

The Bibles says in Romans 10:9-10 that if you confess, speak or say to another human being that Jesus is your Lord or King of your life and believe at the core of who you are that Jesus died and came back to life you can be right side up. Start following Jesus and you will feel that funny feeling start to go away.

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