Have you ever been somewhere where you just didn’t fit in? Maybe you showed up at a fancy restaurant in shorts and a t-shirt. Or maybe you thought Bring Your Pet to Work Day was today, not next Friday. Yikes. Regardless of how it happened, sticking out is uncomfortable. Sticking out is just the opposite of fitting in, and from the time we were in first grade and didn’t have the cool brand of shoes we have known the embarrassment of not fitting in.

Most of us are already uncomfortable with the idea of not fitting in, but the idea of sticking out is even worse.

Despite how uncomfortable it might be at first, if we desire to follow Jesus and live right side up in this upside down world, we will stick out. Right side up and upside down don’t go together. They are total opposites, and that is what God desires of us. He desires for others who are still living upside down to see something different in us. And the best part is, once we start living right side up in Jesus, we experience something so wonderful we can’t help but want others to experience it too, and sticking out becomes an asset as we seek to share His love.

Sticking out for Jesus doesn’t mean looking weird in a bad way. We live in a world where true love and compassion often sticks out. Even sharing a smile can stick out in someone’s day. It might be uncomfortable at first, but soon you will experience the joy that comes from sharing the love and truth of Jesus with someone else! Does your life look exactly like those around you, or do you stick out? Try sticking out this weekend!

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