We’ve all heard the conversation. Usually between a parent and a child. It goes something like this:

Mom – “No, you are not going to (insert child’s can’t-live-without desire of the moment).”
Child – “But Mmmoooommmm, everyone is doing it!”
Mom – “Well if everyone jumps off a cliff, are you going to do that too?”
Child – “But why not???”

If you are parent, the conversation probably ends with a stern “Because I said so.” And rightly so. However, the classic question of the child (“Why not?”) is a question that doesn’t go away with age. In fact, you have probably asked yourself this very same question a few times lately. Maybe even this week. See, we all have that “why not” instinct built into us. It’s our default setting. The pull of the upside down world is something we face every day. Why not tell a little lie on your taxes? Why not take a quick look at that website? Why not manipulate people to get where you want to be? These are the questions the upside down world asks us. And you know what? It’s right. Why not do these things? Why spend so much effort fighting against the flow when it’s so much easier to just jump in?

Without Jesus, it’s pointless to live any differently than the world. If we don’t know the end of our story, we oftentimes fall under the false assumption that we are writer of the story. When we take on the responsibility for our future, it becomes survival of the fittest and we do whatever we want to get where we want. But the pressure of controlling our own destiny is a pressure we were never meant to feel. When we follow Jesus, the end of our story is written, and it’s not dependent on us. Fighting the pull of the upside down world becomes a fight worth every ounce of our energy as we focus not on this life, but the life to come. So the next time you ask yourself “Why not?”, remember that the end of your story has already been written. You have nothing to prove, nothing to gain, and only love to share.

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