We all experience times in our life that seem unbearable. Our circumstances make us feel like there’s no way we’ll make it through. When I started exercising regularly, it seemed like every workout was one of these situations. I would be sweating, out of breath, and thirsty, and look at the clock only to realize I wasn’t even half way through the workout. How in the world would I make it through? Maybe you’ve been in a situation like that. It might not be exercise, but something is your life is taking everything out of you, and you just feel like sitting down, giving up.

In those moments at the gym, I had a choice to make. Give up or keep going. And every time, I kept going. But how? What made me keep going when my body wanted to stop? Knowing my destination. Knowing the end goal (reaching certain fitness benchmarks), kept me going. I knew I was there for a bigger reason than those short 60 minutes of hard physical work. I also knew that each time I put in the work I was one hour closer to reaching my goals. I knew that no matter how much it hurt now, the payoff would be exponentially better.

The same is true of our lives. When we know where we are going, and spend each day working in that direction, it doesn’t matter what obstacles show up in our way. We can find the strength to endure because we know where we are going. And the more we navigate these obstacles in life, the more confident and even comfortable we get with the unknown. Just like exercise. Sure, there are still days I want to quit, but they are fewer and farther between, and when they do happen, it’s easier to persevere.

Whatever challenges you are facing today, tackle them head on! Persevere, knowing that if you are following Jesus, your future is guaranteed. No matter what happens you know the end of the story. Nothing is too big for you. You can do it!

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