Living right side up in an upside down world takes work. If contentment is the key to staying right side up, then we need to strive to be happy with our circumstances every day. To get up every day and choose to live for Jesus and not ourselves is a constant struggle. Consistency is the key. To treat people like Jesus would treat them. To consistently make choices that honor God. Are you the same person to everyone you meet or do you make different choices when you are with different people?

I have worked with teenagers for over 15 years and when parents ask me what some of the keys are to raising kids, I tell them the most important thing is to be consistent. When you ask your kids to do something and you do what you tell them not to do, it sends mixed signals. If someone were to listen to your words and watch your actions, would they say you are consistent? That your words and actions match up?

This is a constant battle for me and for anyone who is following Jesus. Are you sending mixed signals to the people you are around? Do you fight for consistency in your choices?

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