This week’s posts will all be centered around a common idea – living thankful. Not just being thankful inside, but letting it show on the outside. It’s easy to post something nice on social media or be thankful in our hearts, but I hope you will be motivated this week to take action with your thankfulness. Each day, I will encourage you to do something to show your thankfulness, and I would love to hear what you have done to show it! Use the hashtag #upsidedown to share!

You did not get where you are in life by yourself. You have had people walk beside you and pour their life into you. Family, friends, teachers, pastors, coworkers, bosses, and neighbors share their life with you. Take a few minutes today to show your thankfulness. Stop what you are doing to write a note. Make a phone call. Send them a text. Send them an email. Go out of your way today to let someone know you are thankful for the investment they have made in your life. If you want to live right side up in the upside down world, be thankful! You will stand out like stars in the sky!

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