Rest prepares you to be spiritually fit.

Have you ever been somewhere where you could strongly sense God’s presence? Where you seemed to connect with God like you never have before? This spot has probably become a special place for you. A place where God captivated you with His presence and you were forever changed.

We are all geared differently. You may feel close to God in a forest full of trees towering over you. You may feel close to God strolling by a river with only the noise of the rushing water. You may feel close to God in a room full of people singing songs to God. You may feel close to God sitting at your kitchen table. We all experience God in different ways in different environments.

Some Christian traditions call these environments “thin places.” It might sound strange, but it makes sense. A place where the boundary between Heaven and earth seems to be thinner than usual. When you read through the Bible you see people going to these thin places. Mt Sinai, The Tabernacle, and The Temple were such places in the Old Testament. In the New Testament, we see Jesus going to thin places. Gardens, deserts, mountains, the temple, boats, the woods, and many other environments.

For you to be spiritually fit you need rest. You need to be refueled spiritually. You need places to go to be alone with God. These aren’t magical places, but special environments where God’s presence is overwhelming and life-giving. Do you have any of these places? If so, go visit them. If not, go find some “thin” places. Remember them. Retreat to them often to replenish your soul. When you take time to rest you will be a more effective follower of Jesus.

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