The Kingdom Is Coming

Live like Jesus. Jesus lived his life with a sense of urgency. We see moments were he retreats from the crowds to be alone but for the most part we read about Jesus moving from town to town telling people the kingdom is coming. We read about him making the most of every opportunity. What […]

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Go! Don’t Sit!

Live like Jesus. Sitting is the new smoking. I heard about this Ted talk by Nilofer Merchant where she raised some questions about our lifestyle of sitting on our butts and how it is detrimental to our health. A sedentary lifestyle leads to many health problems and she is trying to help reshape the way we work, study […]

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Set Apart

Live like Jesus. Jesus asked us to follow him. Once you are following him your life will be in a new trajectory. You will be different. If you follow Jesus your life will look different than those who don’t follow Jesus. It doesn’t mean you have to be weird to the people who don’t follow […]

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An Act of Obedience

Live like Jesus. Jesus was obedient to his Father. One of the ways He was obedient was by being baptized by his cousin John. Baptism is a more than a symbol but less than magical. When Jesus was baptized it was to fulfill God’s plan for his life. He set the example for all those who […]

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Sent Out

Live like Jesus. Jesus was all about making disciples. He spent time investing in the lives of his followers then he sent them out to live what he had taught them. Spend a few minutes reading through this passage and think about how you can be sent out by Jesus today. What do you need […]

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