Eating fuels us to be spiritually fit.

A couple of years ago, my Pastor Rick White said something to me that challenged me. He told me that he wished he had spent more time studying the Bible over his lifetime. Not just reading through the Bible, but actually studying for personal growth. This has stuck with me and I have tried to make studying the Bible a part of my daily life. One of the ways I do this is by carrying a journal around with me and writing down what the Bible is teaching me.

There are many methods but here is one that I have enjoyed over the past few years. The method is called S.O.A.P. Easy to remember right? Here is how it works:

  • S is for Scripture – I try to work through the Bible one book at a time. I start in chapter one and study one or two chapters each time I study.

  • O is for Observation – As you read through the passage, make notes of ideas, words, or thoughts that stand out to you.

  • A is for Application – Go back and read through your observations and look for general application and then personal application of your observations. You may need to dig a little deeper here. You might need to look up definitions of words or read other translations. A great resource I use during this step is It contains many resources that will help you learn more about the section of Scripture you are studying.

  • P is for Prayer – After you have worked through the three steps above, spend some time praying and asking God speak to you and help you live out what you have learned from His Word.

If you aren’t already, I would challenge you start studying your Bible today! A great place to start is the book of Matthew.

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