Failure makes you stronger.

The sun rises every day. It never stops. It relentlessly shows up everyday if we like it or not. Every time the it comes up a new day begins. When the alarm goes off you can react in three ways – Hit the snooze button and go back to sleep for a little longer, turn the alarm off and go back to bed, or turn the alarm off and start the day. Every day you get a fresh start and an opportunity to get stronger and move forward.

Just like with my alarm clock, I am either pushing back the inevitable, putting off what I have to do for another day, or I am moving forward and getting stronger. In the past six months, I have jumped headlong into working out at a local CrossFit gym. In order for me to keep making progress in the gym I have to show up. This is the hardest part. I have to fight past the temptation to put off what I know I should do and instead get up and do it. I call this pushing the plow.

For a farmer to be successful he needs to get up every day and keep pushing the plow in his field. He has to hook up his horse, put the blades in the dirt, and keep pushing forward. Keep working the land given to him and plant seeds. Ultimately, he is not in control of his success, but in another way he totally is. He can’t bring the rain. He can’t make the plants grow. But he can turn the alarm off, start his day and go push the plow.

Today you need to resolve yourself to wake up each morning and start moving forward. Enough with the excuses. Wake up from your sleep and start pushing the plow. What is your plan for tomorrow? Maybe you want to make a commitment to read Connect Daily everyday. Maybe you need to actually exercise. Maybe you have been putting off some responsibilities and it’s time to step up. Remember no failure is big enough to stop the sun. Every day is a new day to start over.

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