That Is Too Risky

Have you ever found yourself saying that is too risky? Good I hope you have thought this before. Your human! Your normal! Calculating risk is something all of us need to be able to do. We all have a scale we have created for ourselves to evaluate the amount of risk that is involved in […]

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Docked In The Harbor

A couple of years ago my wife Lindsey and I had the opportunity to spend a few days on a cruise ship for our honeymoon. Oh man it was awesome! Great food, beautiful scenery, fun activities and a chance to be on a giant ship in the open ocean. It was the trip of a […]

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What Is Really Best For Us

What if a teacher decided to only teach content the students were already interested in? Like if a first grade teacher told their students tell me what you want to learn about and I will teach you that and only what you tell me you want. You know what the class content would be like […]

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It is so nice to have security. The definition of security is the state of being protected or safe from harm. I have been to Haiti multiple times on mission trips over the past few years and whenever we go we always have a team of security guys with us. Haiti is not the most […]

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I love America! How can you not? We are afforded so many freedoms that so many people all over the world only dream of being allowed in their country. It is so easy to live in the bubble of the United States of America and not realize what it is really like to live in […]

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