A couple of years ago my wife Lindsey and I had the opportunity to spend a few days on a cruise ship for our honeymoon. Oh man it was awesome! Great food, beautiful scenery, fun activities and a chance to be on a giant ship in the open ocean. It was the trip of a lifetime for us! We will never forget the great memories we made that week. One of the fun experiences we had was being docked in multiple harbors so we could enjoy the amazing activities the shores of Hawaii had to offer. One of the harbors we had to take a smaller boat to shore because the boat could not fully fit into dock. As we jumped on that little boat it was amazing to see our giant ship parked in the harbor. The interesting thing is that ship was never designed to just sit in the harbor. Sure it was amazing to see it sitting still out in the water. I am sure it is much easy for the captain to have to boat at a stand still. I am sure it is easier for the crew to do their jobs without the waves moving the boat around in the open ocean. Everything about being docked in the harbor makes things so much easier. But being docked in the harbor is not the purpose of that giant ship. It is the same for us in life.

Sure it is easier to sit still. It is easier to just do what we have to do to exist. It is easier to stay closed off and not let other people in our lives. It is easier to never take a risk. Sitting in the harbor of life is not what you were intended to do. You are designed to be out in the open ocean of life. You are designed to step out into the unknown and ride the waves of faith in the God who created you with a purpose. Stop sitting in the harbor. Get out away from the safety and security of the controllable life you have created for yourself. Go take a risk. What is something you have been putting off but you know you need to do? What is it that you sense God is calling you to do but all the unknowns are getting in the way from pulling the trigger?

It would not make any sense to design a ship for the open ocean and leave it docked in the harbor. It makes no sense for you to live your life in the harbor.

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