What if? These two words have to be the most destructive words you could speak. There is no quicker way to kill a dream than asking “what if?” Most of us don’t need someone to talk us out of doing something out of the ordinary we are really good at talking ourselves out of things. I know I am the “what if” king in my head. Once I get an idea for me I automatically start playing out the future in my head. I make up conversations and create made up circumstances all before I even let the idea out. I almost always jump to the absolute worst case scenario before I ever get to a realistic scenario. Do you do that too? But really what is the worse thing that could happen to us?

Is God asking you to do something you never thought you could do or something that seems impossible? What is the worse thing that could happen if you try? This Is the question most of us ask but that is not the right question. Flip it and ask yourself what is the worst thing that could happen if you don’t try?

I was meeting with one of our Connect Communities and we were talking about taking a risk. One of the guys flipped the discussion on all of us and said instead of looking at all the risks of stepping in a new direction, how about looking at what you would miss out on if you did not take the step. I thought this exactly what we need to do! We have been looking at Matthew 14:22-36 where one of Jesus’ disciples named Peter decides to step out of a boat and walk on water with Jesus. If Peter played the “what if I do this” game in his head he would have missed the opportunity of a lifetime. Get this Peter actually walked on water. Peter was a normal guy who made a decision to step out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary. Worst case scenario if he does this he drowns. Yeah that would be bad but more than likely not going to happen. But what if he doesn’t do this?! He misses out on experiencing something amazing!

Don’t miss out on God doing something extraordinary through you because you let all the “what ifs” trump “What if I don’t do this!”

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